Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A few Saturdays ago, when the NY Times released the news that Morgan was preparing to take out Bear Stearns, Patrick and I were gingerly lifting and separating the cylinder head from our 1929 Buick Master 6 engine. Inside, everything was blissful, or so we thought. The cylinder bores were shiny and smooth. The pistons appeared unmolested. While the demon rust had been very busy elsewhere on this car, it had left the vintage mechanicals intact. In our selfish desire to build a traditional speedster and inspire awe and terror on our nation's roadways, we neglected to realize that by opening that motor, untouched perhaps since 1929, we had set free some fearsome genie of the Great Crash! Sucked in through an updraft carburetor on the day the banks ran out of money and trapped in stasis for all these years by a sticky exhaust valve, a whiff of vapor extremely toxic to capitalism was now released to mingle freely into the atmosphere of these uncertain times. Sorry folks....I think we're to blame. Don't despair, though - John McCain says we can all just work a little harder and make a few extra bucks in a second job until this blows over.